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At the student-led anti-government demonstration at Thammasat University this past Monday, August 10, student activist Panusaya “Rung” Sithjirawattanakul read a statement calling for reform to the country.

Late night on August 12, Panusaya posted on her Facebook page that there were police officers dressed in plain clothing waiting around her dormitory near Thammasat, sparking concerns of arrest.

Panusaya, along with another student activist, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak are on a list of activists targeted for arrest for taking part in the protest and speaking out against the government.

The hashtags #SavePanusaya #SaveParit #FightwithPanusaya became trending topics on Twitter in Thailand as netizens show their support for the activists.

Since then, multiple Thai stars and celebrities have also shown support by posting the hashtags and sharing information about the protests and situation on their social media.

Blogger “Pearypie” Amta Chittasenee, posted on her Instagram with the hashtag #savethaidemocracy along with a caption stating that she will continue to support the movement hoping that everyone will stay safe.

Film director “Yong” Songyos Sugmakanan posted on his Instagram story stating “Please respect human rights. No one should be threatened because they express different opinions. #SavePanusaya #SaveParit”

Actor and model “Yorch” Yongsin Wongpanitnon wrote in his Instagram bio, “I just want democracy… #fightwithpanusaya”

Actor and singer “Krist” Perawat Sangpotirat posted a status on Facebook stating, “The citizens are the owner of the country. The citizens should have equal rights. The citizens should not be threatened. On(Got) your back.”

Actor “Nont” Sadanon Durongkaveroj shared a petition to reform the constitution and information explaining the protests and situation.

Pimtha, Jaylerr, Bank Thiti, Jamyjames, Faii BNK48, and Ud Awat all shared a graphic stating

“For our democracy and future,

Listen to different opinions.

Respect human rights.

No one should “disappear” just because they speak the truth.

#FightwithPanusaya #SavePanusaya”

Thai celebrities are known for avoiding voicing out on politics, with a risk of losing their reputation, and politics used to associate with negative sentiment. Today marks a very different aspect on the issue.